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Garden Smoothies & Deer-Repelling Flowers

I have to admit, composting is not my thing.  We have all kinds of kitchen scraps every day, but can't seem to get them to break down in this dry climate, especially since my interest in the project wanes after a month.  I've been handing off the composting chore to our workcampers, but then I realized that my VitaMix blender has not been put to much use lately.  What a shame.  I did a little research to see if others are using a blender method,  and it turns out to be a viable means and composting!  Better yet, I actually enjoy feeding my garden disgusting looking smoothies!

Every day, we have a tall blender full of kitchen scraps.  I add water, blend them up, and then grab my hand trowel on the way out the back door.  I look for a weed trying to invade my garden, dig up the roots, and pour the nourishing concoction into the hole for the worms and ants to break down.  When I have a lot of egg shells, banana peels and coffee grounds, I fertilize the rose bushes, as those happen to be the nutrients they crave.  Awesome, right?

I've been feeling quite happy thinking about happy worms in my garden, until one morning I discovered that some deer has been strolling and munching through my strawberry patch again.  Grrrr.   In search of creative ideas to deter them, I noticed the lovely plastic flowers my daughter made from soda bottles back in high school.  They look cute in a vase, but I have to admit they are adorable in the garden.  Don't you think?  And that deer hasn't been back yet!  I'm thinking I need a hundred more of these flowers for the rest of the garden.  Service project anyone?

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