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from our kitchen to yours


Here at Canyons Bed & Breakfast, we offer a colorful homemade spread that some say is the best breakfast this side of Switzerland!  Not sure about that, but we believe wholesome goodness should be served everywhere, so we are glad to share our recipes & dry sourdough starter that has now found it's way around the globe.  For more recipes and homesteading wisdom inspired by pioneer homesteads of Southern Utah, visit       Wishing you love, laughter and mason jars full of goodness!

Your hosts, 
Julie & Danny




Fall in love with wholesomeness with traditional and EASY RECIPES!  Learn why sourdough starter (homemade yeast) is the secret to making wholesome and delicious whole grain breads.  Why real sourdough bread is often fine for those with food sensitivities and will not cause gluten intolerance.  


We serve a colorful, wholesome and delicous fresh breakfast for our guests from around the world.  You can find creative and nourishing breakfast ideas here, including many allergen-free options.


The fruit is falling off our trees so fast, we are giving bags to the guests!  Time to make fruit leather, fruit syrups, fruits butters and jams!  Our favorite recipes have less sugar and more flavor, and we prefer simple methods which we love share here.


We love desserts with less sugar and more natural ingredients, including fruit from our trees.  Many recipes are inspired by the past, with allergen-free options to please anyone in our family and yours.


If you are interested in Pioneer Style Turkey, Sourdough Rolls, Vegan Pumpkin Pie, or dairy-free Cream of Mushroom Sauce for your Greenbean Casserole, you've come to the right place.  You will find all the recipes you need on 3 downloadable pages, with allergen-free options.  Happy wholesome Holidays!

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